Student Council


Team work is a dream work.
“Unnayan” student council works for planning & executing the students activities at collegiate & inter collegiate level. Unnayan council helps to build the culture of excellence at department of Management, gives services to friends and community. Since its inception, many charity trips, quiz, debate, cultural events have been organized by the students of Unnayan council. The team works enthusiastically under the guidance of faculty coordinators.

The council functions in utmost planned and coordinated manner. Weekly meetings are held and the agenda discussed and noted. Thrust is given to:

1. Inspire them.
2. Define leadership traits.
3. Inculcate the power of leading by example.

“Anyone and everyone can be a part of the council”.
“Prerequisite……. Loads of ZEAL & ENTHUSIASM”

Student Members

1. Abhilaksh Sonar (MBA)
2. Shivani Saini (MBA)
3. Vrinda Agarwal (MBA)
4. Waseem Ahmed Khan (MBA)
5. Omini Bisht (MBA)
6. YogeshRawat (MBA)
7. Paras Kant Dhyani (MBA)
8. DaminiMudgal (MHA)
9. Suhani Sharma (MHA)
10. Gaurav Bisht (B.COM)
11. Akansha Saxena (B.COM)
12. Deepak Pandey(B.COM)
13. Kiran Bisht (BBA)
14. Mohsin Khan (BBA)
15. Himanshu Aggarwal(BBA)
16. SimranParcha (BBA)

The Executive Body:

Secretary : Abhilaksh Sonar
Joint Secretary : Vrinda Agarwal
Treasurer : Akansha Saxena
Public Relations/ Communications Officer : Himanshu Aggarwal, Kiran Bisht.
Faculty Coordinators : Dr. Pooja Jain , Dr.Vipul Jain

“Together we achieve ! Together we make possible & meaningful!!!”

CA & IT department

Name of Student Council : "Avaiya"
Coordinators : Mrs. Meenakshi Bist, Mr. Praveen Tripathi

Student Members

Batch Semester Student Name
MCA 2015-18 II Jai Deep Chaudhary, Anju Rani
MCA 2014-17 IV Santosh Paudel, Prapti Mamgain
BCA 2015-18 II Hardeep Singh, Subhanjali
BCA 2014-17 IV Shikha verma, Abhishek Rana (NR)
BCA 2013-16 VI Sadaf Hasan, Shubham Saini,Sidharth Agarwal
BSc IT 2015-18 II Pushkar Joshi, Bhawana Chand
BSc IT 2014-17 IV Rahul Gaur, Isha Rana
BSc IT 2013-16 VI Shivani Gupta, Naresh Patwal

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Name of Student Council : "Sanjeevani"
Coordinators : Dr. Yogendr Bahuguna (Asst. Prof), Mr. Sayantan Mukopadhyay (Asst. Prof)

Student Members

S.No. Name of Student Course/Semester Designation Contact
1. Ved Prakesh M.Pharm (Pharmacology) - First Year Secretary 7060329485
2. Ashwarya Dimri B.Pharm- Second Year Deputy Secretary 9557591249
3. Ishita Mathur Pharm .D - First Year Treasurer 8954317276
4. Prashant Tomar M.Pharm (QAT) - First Year PRO 9897961633
5. Akash Ghildiyal B.Pharm- Final Year Member 9760901923
6. Mukesh Bhatt M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) - First Year Member 9557624193
7. Rohit Bhattacharya M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) - Second Year Member 8979752519
8. Abhishek Chandola B.Pharm- First Year Member 9690861519
9. Harmeet Singh M.Pharm (Pharmacology) - Second Year Member 8006619195
10. Kuldeep Sah M.Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy) - First Year Member 8006944726
11. Shagufta Ashraf M.Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy) - Second Year Member 9758168131
12. Devendra Singh Rawat B.Pharm- Third Year Member 7417630870
13. Rohit Rawat Pharm .D (PB) - First Year Member 8171124276
14. Mohit M.Sc (Pharma Chemistry) - First Year Member 7037879499
15. Vishal M.Sc (Pharma Chemistry) - Second Year Member 8057450860

Life Sciences

Coordinators : Dr Lokesh Gambhir, Dr Chhaya Singh

Student Members

Name of Student Course/Semester Designation
Chitrakshi Pant B Sc (Biotech) final year Secretary
Ridhima Semwal B Sc Biotech II Year Joint Secretary
Shruti Singh B Sc (AG) second Year PRO
Shubhm Gulati B Sc (AG) First Year PRO
Abha B Sc (AG) second Year Treasurer
Sagar Chadha M Sc.(Biotech) First year Treasurer
Mansi Podia B Sc Biotech II Year Member
Devanshu Joshi B Sc (AG) First Year Member
Mohit Pant B Sc (Biotech) First Year Member
Shirya sikka B Sc (Biotech) First Year Member
Vivek Chandola M Sc.(Biotech) First year Member
Aakash Semwal M Sc (Micro) First Year Member
Vasundra Khatri M Sc (Botany) First Year Member
Renu M Sc (Botany) First Year Member
Avinisha B Sc (AG) second Year Member